Dating vintage tablecloths

However, if you want to find a place for it in your home, there are many projects that can put old linens to new uses.

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Old textiles are usually very sturdy and most are far more colorfast than some of the dyes we have today.

(though sometimes not.) They were intended to last an entire lifetime, and often were passed down for the next generation to use.

Or, at the very least, you will not worry so much about it.

The decorations looked awesome, we had a perfect 72 degree day, but then this crazy WIND came out of nowhere!

We really struggled right before everyone came – basically all of the vases knocked down (even after we put rocks in them) and the water went all over those beautiful hand-embroidered linens.

Marghab Patterns in Numerical Order | Living with Old Linens washing, storing and caring for antique linens CARING FOR YOUR ANTIQUE LINENS If you discover, inherit or buy antique linens, you will eventually need to launder them.

I hope that the following tips will contribute to your ability to use and enjoy your items.

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