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Never Try to Fulfill a Prophesy One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to prophesy and Christian relationships is when someone feels the need to fulfill the prophesy that was spoken over them.

That is definitely an unbiblical approach to how to use true prophesy from God.

Rather than the prophecy revealing their future, now this prophecy starts controlling their future.

This is not right and it is a form of manipulation on the part of the prophet and a form of immaturity by the person.

How much weight should you give to dreams you have about dating, dreams you have about your future marriage, and “prophesies” that people speak over you about your relationship future?

Lately many people have been asking about interpreting dreams from God, specifically when it comes to dreams about dating and their future marriage.

Another common question that has been coming in lately is about prophesy.

God Can Do Whatever He Wants, But He Normally Speaks Through His Word, in Prayer, and Through His People I admittedly come from a more reformed perspective.

However, unlike many reformed Christians, I am not here to cast stones at charismatic Christians.

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