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With celiac, planning ahead becomes a daily part of your life.

For example, your loved one may want to go on an unplanned weekend road trip with you.

It’s silly to think about now, but in my early days post-diagnosis, I was almost ashamed of having celiac disease. When you get to the restaurant, unless it’s 100% gluten free, you are going to have to tell your waiter, , that you have severe dietary restrictions. They are going to be learning a and asking a bunch of questions. If they go to kiss you after getting back from beers with the guys, remind them that they need to brush their teeth first. find someone who’s willing to put up with this for the rest of their lives? Why would they be with me when they could be with someone who can eat whatever they want? One of the sexiest things in a person is confidence.

I was worried that if my date didn’t get to know me first before I told them, they’d never give me a chance. This will take them off guard and it will steer the conversation towards your food issues. And this is when the true test begins that will determine if this person will work out in the long run or not. Own your condition and make them see that it doesn’t define you! If you’re just constantly worried and mopey all the time, you’re likely going to push them away. That being said, we are human, and from time to time you are going to have some concerns.

Wouldn’t you rather talk about something else on your first date? If you guys have been dating for several weeks now, then this person obviously really likes you. When this happens, be open with them about it so that you two can discuss it and move on.

This whole thing will be a giant learning curve for them and since they like you, they will listen and adapt. – they will happily do so because you are a team and that’s what partners do for each other.

The bottom line is you don’t want to wait to tell them. This is true for all relationships, but it is especially in our case. If they bring you home something that you can’t eat, be honest with them so that they learn why. I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to kick these insecurities to the curb as soon as they start biting.

But that doesn’t mean you should just give up on the search for love.

There is so much more to us than this pesky autoimmune disease.

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