Diddy dating dawn dirty money

I told you that Diddy would play you to the left on Bad Boy.” However, she has no hard feelings or ill will towards her former boss and band mate, as the two teamed up, along with Kalenna Harper to make the group Diddy Dirty Money.

But Richard was exhausted of working as hard as she was — and spending so much of her own money — without getting the mainstream recognition she and her fans knew she’d have if she was given a shot.“It’s all a numbers game,” she says with a heavy sigh when asked why she believes major opportunities have evaded her.

“We have been stifled in our voices because we are afraid to lose our jobs and whatever piece of semblance of awesome that we get.

Dawn Richard is older, wiser and no longer caring what anyone thinks of her. I’ve learned that there are acquired tastes— and I’m one.”READ MORE: 19 years after murder charges, Ray Lewis heads back to Atlanta for Super Bowl That refreshing, independent mindset is what makes Richard’s work compelling in the first place.

I wanted to make it so bad,” she says hours before a recent Danity Kane gig. For the past decade, the singer-songwriter (she performs as DAWN) has been at the forefront of experimental R&B she calls “genderless, colorless and genreless” after finding success in Danity Kane and the hip-hop fusion project Diddy-Dirty Money. I’m not for everyone and that’s OK.” Richard writes richly complex tales of loss, heartbreak and triumph pulled from a life that has weathered its share of storms.

Her “Heart” trilogy of albums — which launched with her 2013 debut, “Goldenheart” and concluded with 2016’s “Redemptionheart” — ripped apart the boundaries of soul and R&B as she made room for electronica and experimental art-pop weaved into a heady fantasy world built on Greek mythology, sci-fi and medieval allegories.“Some artists’ journey is to be massive and a machine,” Richard says. And I’ve also done the indie thing and that was hard too. She’s an industry survivor who’s been counted out and beaten down more times than she cares to count and has also persevered amid personal hardships: Her family was reeling from being left homeless by Hurricane Katrina when she got her big break by scoring a spot on the third iteration of “Making the Band,” which saw Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs manufacture an urban-pop girl group.

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