Disable peerguardian before updating

In most releases, Oracle allows you to disable an index ONLY if it is a function-based index!For non-function-based indexes, you disable the index by marking the index as unusable.There are many IPs that try to connect and read you regardless of whether you are dl'ing torrents or on a p2p.... So yeah , my advice, protect yourself ETA after reading next post: With peer Guardian, if a trusted site is blocked, all you have to do is click to allow it .PG is pretty much on the ball with their lists though. Been through this a million times back in my days as a file sharing admin. Once upon a time there were server farms who's role was to distribute fake files while logging all connections from clients. Users would submit bad ip blocks and once verified these blocks would be added to various blacklists, usually maintained by folks such as Bi SS.This recommends removing certain PPAs; and, I'm not sure if I should do that since it might mean not getting the updates that I need. PPA is only for Trusty (Ubuntu 14.04) only (trusty-media). You can check the PPA's Launchpad page to see which versions of Ubuntu are supported.Peer Block lets you control who your computer "talks to" on the Internet.However, every little bit helps, so Peerblock definitely can only help and not hurt, in my opinion.Since you say you're not all that paranoid, I wouldn't worry about it unless your in the downloading realm and dealing with things you haven't paid for but would have to otherwise.

Now there is a problem with that of course which is that if a government agency or anyone want to get around peerblock they can see all of the IP's on that list just by downloading it and use an address that isn't on there.

Problem is that once a block was established it was rarely removed and once these ips were reassigned the block would remain even if they could now be considered "legitimate" peers.

The industry clocked on to the use of these blocklists and started data gathering from ips assigned to domestic users. Using a program to block ips doesn't make that program a panacea of the whole thing here because it is not the program itself to block the ip but the ipfilter loaded by it .

If you have peerblock on while using skype you will get some VERY surprising people accessing your computer, lots of gvmnt ip's from different countries as skype uses p2p technology to work so other people messages are being routed through your connection.

Peerblock might actually make you more paranoid I think Firewalls block ports, but some ports are required to be opened for internet browsing and various other activities.

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