Dns forward zone not updating

When you only use the Zone Transfers tab and configure transfer by IP Address can result in loss of information if a DNS server is replaced.

Configure all the DNS Servers to forward requests towards a centralized location if a query for any DNS Zone is not found on the local DNS server.

It is the primary name resolution service for Active Directory.

The DNS service provides domain name services and the DNS database can be integrated with Active Directory or stored in an external database. A DNS zone is a contiguous part of the DNS domain name space, meaning it is a portion of a namespace and not a domain.

Leaving this to the default setting will speed up DNS queries. This practice also provides a better documented DNS system over time, and keeps PTR records from getting improperly configured with Alias names.

Instead create a sub-zone and create the Host records there and create an Alias (CNAME) record in the appropriate zone.

The sub-zone can be used to document the device type as server, router, appliance, etc., this provides a well-documented DNS environment.

This also allows manual DNS host records to be easily monitored and maintained.

It is in fact an authoritative primary zone and the data gets replicated to other domain controllers as part of Active Directory’s replication process.

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A benefit if this type of zone is that it uses the security features of Active Directory.

Stub zones were introduced with Windows Server 2003 and contain only the resource records that are required to identify the authoritative DNS servers for the master zone.

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