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Skip the shops on South St and head to Old City’s Kink for a more upscale adult shopping experience.They’ve got a wide range of items in all shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as fetish workshops (wax play, anyone? Philadelphia’s Naked Bike Ride is an opportunity for people of all shapes and sizes to ride through the city in their birthday suits.You remember what we said earlier about Christian Grey?Well, Philly’s Aviary gives the inquisitive an opportunity to explore the real fetish and BDSM world during one of its interactive theater nights.No pictures are allowed, making the experience more discreet than your local book-club night.If the group setting isn’t your cup of tea, Philadelphia’s Miss Lauren is available to help you explore your inner BDSM fantasies one-on-one.

9), but there are still plenty of options to explore your naughty side in the city.Philly’s Kiss Me Studio offers custom photoshoot experiences for any looking to send something sexy to a significant other.The shoot includes professional hair and makeup, helping you avoid looking like George Costanza (or make you look more like him -- whatever you're into).Sure there're plenty of other options, but getting a lap dance in someone’s living room always makes for a better story.Or if you’re looking for some public T&A, just head to the Wing Bowl.

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