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If you know the host of the email address -- the part between the at sign and ".com" -- go to that domain.

Enter the first and last name of the person whose email you want to obtain into the member search box, if there is one.

You may want or need to contact someone via email but discover you don't have his email address and no one else you know has it either.

While there is not a universal directory for email addresses, there are several ways to find someone's email address on the Internet for free, especially if you know the person's first and last name.

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If that does not work, try inputting the name used for the old address at other domains, such as Yahoo and Gmail, in case he changed hosts but kept the same name. Enter the person's first name and last name and click "Go." The directory will provide a list of e-mail matches associated with the first and last name you enter. Open a Web browser and type the first and last name of the person.

For example, a search of "Jane Doe" could yield the following matches: "[email protected]," "Jane [email protected]," or "Jane. For example, type in "John Doe" putting the first and last name in quotation marks.

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Send a message to the email address; if you receive a message stating that the message was "Undeliverable," the email address is no longer active.

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