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Ya que una deficiente hidratación es responsable de numerosos ingresos hospitalarios, y es una causa fácilmente evitable.Habrá que prestar especial atención a nuestra hidratación en ambientes muy calurosos o muy fríos, o con la práctica de ejercicio físico, no solo debemos estar atentos a nuestra hidratación, sino también a la de los que nos rodean, niños y ancianos.

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"In this situation, a foreign girl will say, 'OK, we can marry first before we have a house. Li says the spotlight on newlyweds' possessions is something that "distorts love in China".

Li and Tony's taste in women may put them in the minority, but their numbers are growing as more foreign women come to China and more Chinese men learn foreign languages and experience life overseas.

Tiffany Tan delves deeper "Chinese man fancies Western woman" was the title of the personal ad Li Lei posted online, in which he asked if any Western "ladies (in Beijing) are open to a long-term and serious relationship with a Chinese guy". Marriages between Chinese men and Western women in China are noticeably fewer than vice versa, so why is Li taking the road less traveled?

After studying for a combined five years in the Netherlands and United Kingdom, the 30-year-old Beijinger discovered he preferred the personality of Western European women. If they want something, they just tell you," he says in British-accented English, his boyish face lighting up.

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