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But others saw this as a chance to take what they wanted, bandits, raiders, anarchists, fucking assholes are just some of the names used to describe them.There are some mercenary Rangers that live in the communities that keep the trade routes clear, and even keep a certain radius around the communities clear of those would would steal from and kill the people of said communities.Will the New Manhattan Republic hold back this new threat? The Great Wasteland (Post apocalyptic) In a world were water and food is scarce, and society has fallen thanks to biological and chemical warfare, cities around the world have become havens of civilization.In Australia, these cities, or Strongholds as they are now called, trade with each other, massive trading convoys travel along the highways, in highly modified vehicles.Where technology doesn't exist, and magic rules over the lands, and Races of myth exist.Welcome to Beyond The Edge Primordial Fury (combat RP) Over 100 million years ago, the gods begun an age old clash over the dominance of the Earth.

Well not completely at least when the latter is concerned.

Fallout: Vaults of New York (Post apocalyptic) In 2282, over 200 years after the Great War that ended the world, the survivors from the ruins of New York City and Long Island have formed their own society and have known relative safety, aside from the usual threats of the Wasteland of Raiders, feral ghouls, wild creatures and Super Mutants.

But now, an outside threat has arisen, to cleanse the Vaults and subjugate this new power in the post-apocalyptic world under an Old World flag.

But another group has arisen outside of the communities, to oppose a self-styled Raider King who has been uniting, or assimilating, the other raider gangs in the area.

Some of the communities consider the Horsemen of the Apocalypse to be nothing more then over glorified raiders themselves, and see this as a gang war between two large Raider gangs, some see them as a cross between the mercenary Rangers and a Raider gang.

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