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The show is funny, but at the same time, very down to earth, and brutally honest (like admitting how angry he can sometimes feel as a parent). The key is that they carry out set consequences every time the teens break a rule until the teens decide it is not worth breaking the rules. A show called “If You Really Knew Me” documents teams going into American high schools for a “Challenge Day.” They help the teens learn to be kind to one another instead of bullying and treating each other with cruelty.

Thinking that we could deal with the silence if we had food to eat, Stacey and I went to the salad bar.

Late Thursday night, I finally called the only girl I thought would say yes.

Her name was Stacey and she sat next to me in Geometry class.

They are much more likely to follow our rules if they get a good explanation and reasoning behind the rules, and if they feel that they have some say in what the rules and consequences are.

But just because you listen to their requests and petitions, does not mean that you have to do everything they ask--you are the parent with the knowledge and the God given authority.

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