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Even through not specifically referring to marginalized identities — older women, gay men, people with disabilities — it says a lot about how the difference of these identities is constructed in the media.

The first gay wedding show in Kent for 14 years is being held next month.

A “candid” portrait of the world of real life psychics, the documentary follows the lives of four British clairvoyants who communicate with the dead, talking on behalf of deceased loved ones or expelling evil spirits from homes.

David is presented as fairly canny and certainly attempts to sell his spiritual insight as a product. It is perhaps an unexpected turn that, after having been introduced alongside a man with whom he lives and deems his “soulmate,” he has a wife called Andrea.Not the ways in which these people were marked as psychic, but rather other markers of identity which we tend to think of when confronted with “difference” — gender, sexuality, race, age, ability and so on.As I continued watching the show, I became fascinated with its relationship to ideas we have about identity, particularly in a post-identity media culture.Meanwhile Shelley is portrayed as never leaving her mother’s side, even bonding with her over internet dating and setting up a blind date.Gay iconography weirdly haunts the Dean’s narrative, for instance through shots of the rainbow flag flying atop Blackpool tower, or when he tells his audience that a spirit just called him camp.

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