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We program our entire lives via apps—from health and wellness to money management, so it’d make sense that our dating lives are also manipulated by the results generated by apps.For me, I found that a bit too contrived and problematic.“I’m looking for…” And based on what people aimlessly check off on their profile, you’re matched up.Except most people leave profiles open-ended to cast a wide net.Then once you’re sitting across from each other, you find out that there’s no magic at all. On the other side, you can be pleasantly surprised by someone that didn’t wow you exchanging messages. You’re back to square one without as much as an explanation other than assuming that they’re just busy.The biggest reason why I think people should give up the vicious cycle of dating online is because there are better, more reliable ways to meet people.Depending on the app or site you’re using, you’re going to have to do a lot of sifting through before you find any good candidates.

But I also needed to re-define what I wanted in a relationship.This year, I met a few great women through friends of mine and at church.My friends were invested in trying to fix me up and knew enough about me that they picked good women for me.If a healthy relationship is near the top of your list for 2017, I’d suggest looking into your social circles.Look at the places where you spend the bulk of your time.

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How many times have you met someone at a conference or on a weekend trip thinking they were a breath of fresh air, only to find out it was a high chance you’d never see them again?

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