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Baccarin describes Ed and Lee’s relationship as mutually beneficial.

"I think it’s a symbiotic relationship in a very strange way," she explains.

fans will be reunited with one of the series' most surprisingly sensible pairings: Dr.

Lee Thompkins and Ed Nygma, who are now sort-of partners.

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He’s kind of a sucker for a smart, principled, kind, beautiful woman, which is nice.”Lee’s efforts to change both Ed and the Narrows for the better are a huge part of why he cares for her.

Her genuineness is urging him to fight to be Edward Nygma and not The Riddler, which will likely not end well.“He actually cares about her because her intentions are so pure and so good. “Also he feels weak, he feels like he has colors of where he used to be, which is just not exciting and it’s kind of embarrassing. It’s kind of balancing, for him — what he really wants.”While the chemistry seems to be building, despite what Lee knows of Ed's past, a romantic coupling doesn't seem like it's in the cards.

Speaking to Bustle at a preview screening at Tumblr in New York City, actors Morena Baccarin and Cory Michael Smith revealed some interesting details about what fans can expect for the future of this relationship.If Twitter is the Company of the Year for Data Privacy Day 2011, maybe aggregator sites should be the corporate villains of the year.I realize fellow privacy advocates may say that I’m being harsh and that we need to work businesses to help them do the right thing.Baccarin says that Lee is observing the recovery of Ed’s kinder personality, and that wants the best for him.Their dynamic, the actor laughs, is another twist on the classic story of a woman wanting to change a guy for the better.“I think that also she sees something in him, since being frozen, that’s changed him in a way," Baccarin explains.

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