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Sixteen-year-old Kako Motoya is a high school Freshman and single.

She attends an adult dating mixer under the pretense that she is older than she really is. See full summary » Based on the manga with the same name, the story follows Yu Akabane who is moved to the dormitory following her father's transfer for work. See full summary » Who among us does not spend a portion of the time daydreaming or fantasizing? She will always be attractive and desirable no matter what, but why oh why did she cut her hair??

I think that is the reason why Ooshiro desperately tried to help Kagami-san with Hitomi because he relates with him. Anyways, This Drama is really cute and worth to watch??!! This is really fun to watch and let's talk about the leads! There is also a lot of humor with Hanae's nervous daydreams. Similar to Last Cinderella but slightly better because Ayase Haruka's character is not as annoying.

He has feelings for his colleague and he can't even confess or approach her. and to think that he never had a chance to confess.... However, just like LC, I was disappointed in the overall storyline of Kyou Wa Kaisha Yasumimasu.

Estranged from their dad after he left them for Suzu’s mother, this trio - a nurse called Sachi (Haruka Ayase), louche bank employee Yoshino (Masami Nagasawa) and Chika (Kaho), a goofy soul who works in a sports shop - make the trip to a provincial corner of Japan when he dies.

Not only do they meet Suzu for the first time, but also her self-absorbed stepmother, his third wife, whose ability to look after this grieving teenager is tangibly dubious from everything she says and does.

See full summary » After her parents divorced, Sumitomo Shima lived with her mother.f you could trust any director to tell a two-hour family story with a bare minimum of dramatic conflict and still make it sing, it’s Hirokazu Kore-eda, Japan’s modern master of domestic observation, who has invested his new film with a tantalisingly Chekhov-like sensibility.Our Little Sister is full of quiet joy and simple pleasures, the taste of fresh whitebait over rice and plum wine steeped lovingly for a decade.She becomes confused about what happened and takes the day off from work for the first time.To come out of her shell, Hanae decides to date Yuto Tanokura who is 9 years younger than her.

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