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” Cassie nodded in the affirmative and Jackie dove right in with, “When you get turned on, I mean excited, you know what I mean, do you get hard and wet all at the same time???

” “Yeah,” Cassie replied, “it’s unreal, but I can feel both my cock and my pussy desiring to be satisfied!!!

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Casandara Wilcox stepped out of the shower and stared at her image being reflected back to her in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door.

Most women would kill to possess the feminine attributes Cassie took for granted, large heavy breasts, a flat wash board stomach, long lean legs, a tight but full bottom, a lovely face framed by medium length brown hair, and of course a large lipped succulent vagina!

After twenty three years, however, Cassie still sometimes broke down crying when she gazed into the mirror, because there was something extra that she wished to death she didn’t have, but still dominated her life.

Cassie buried her face in Jackie’s shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably, sure that her friend would never understand, and walk out on her!The thought of never having a family, or having an intimate relationship with another person made her sad and very lonely, and though her parents were very understanding, they were of little help now that she was out on her own, and her phone conversations with them seemed to be getting even harder to handle.She desperately needed someone to talk to, a friend she could confide in, but alas, there was no one she could trust.After she had finished her story, Cassie let out a deep breath and said, “It feels so good to finally get it off my chest, you can’t imagine how long I’ve thought about this moment!!!” Jackie reached out and patted her friend on the arm and replied, “Is it all right if I ask you a question?

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