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At the beginning of a project, ideally, you would schedule regular meetings with stakeholders to update them of the status of the project.

While a daily meeting with stakeholders is a bit much, you should aim to meet with stakeholders several times during the project management process.

By making your software work hard to collect project data, reporting the data is much easier (and thus, communicating this information with stakeholders is easier because you don't have to hunt down who has done what.) The project status report is an essential part of communicating with stakeholders. For best results, you should create a status report at least on a bi-weekly basis, if not on a weekly basis.

A strategic planning tool used to provide the terms-of-reference for new projects.The most important item to have in place when thinking about facilitating stakeholder management is a communication plan.By creating an effective plan, you and your team members will know when and how to inform each participating stakeholder.Typical items included in a communication plan are: Although it might seem like a lot of work to put together a communication plan for your project (after all, you did create a project plan, right?), it is a vitally important step if you want to keep stakeholders informed.

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