How speed dating works in the brain

At its heart, the technology is a huge software library of machine learning. For example, someone uploads a photo to Google Photos.The technology will compare all the details from the picture to its database and decide whether it’s a picture of an animal or human.As it originates from Google, it’s obvious that Google uses the technology for many of its services.We’ve discussed the example of using the technology for image analysis in Google Photos.Currently, the speech recognition technology recognizes over 80 languages and variants.Another example of the “learning” part of machine learning technology is Google’s translation feature.Anybody, including researchers, engineers, and hobbyists, can help speed up the growth of machine learning and take it to a higher level in less time.

Google Photos is one of the many “smart” services from Google that uses a machine learning technology called Tensor Flow. This library of algorithm succeeds Dist Belief – the first generation.Also, using only one example can’t do justice to what it’s capable of.And for all the Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts out there, it’s worth mentioning that Google already created a computer chip technology optimized for machine learning and integrating Tensor Flow into it.For example, it can group photos with similar details such as the same person, the same location, the same date; see the pattern of faces to determine which family and friends the person in the photo belong to, and use the information to make videos of family vacation or animation from continuous shots.That barely scratches the surface of how Tensor Flow works, but I hope it can give you a general picture of the technology.

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