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I wouldn't be happy with any dishonesty in this situation and you need to talk to your daughter about trust. Lots of bitchiness and falling out with one another. i have a 15 year old DD, i told her about this thread and she thought odd that a nearly 18 year old boy would be interested in a 14 year old. is he a young 18 or a adult one I would be cautious as well. Having said this, the big warning sign for me is that he lied about his age. She has 2 or 3 close friends now but school is like a war zone at that age it seems. best of luck navigating your way through this, I'm sure you were expecting this day would come but hoping it was a long way off in the future…I think this is a fairly normal age gap - worrying for you but not an unusual situation at all. My parents always kept my boyfriends close - invited them to sunday dinner etc - because any other course of action is bound to drive the young couple underground.They will continue this relationship with or without your approval / knowledge.They started by flirting online on sites like instagram, twitter etc and then progressed to facetiming each other and now meeting up to watch films, walk the dog and generally spend time together, Initially she told me he was 15 and in the year above at school. After lots of tears and tantrums she is still seeing him. He has been at our house and they sat and watched a film downstairs near to where I was cooking etc. Was told at first they were just "talking" not "going out". I definitely agree with getting her involved with something outside of school - my friends outside of school were my absolute saviour when friendship politics at school were difficult.

I worry that if I ban the friendship she will simply hide it from me and sneak around and lie. I don't mean "Quick sign her up for stuff so she doesn't see him so much!!

I did warn my now son-in-law that I would have serious words if he ever overstepped the mark with DD3 - tongue in cheek, but he got the message! I think it entirely depends on the individuals concerned.

If he is an unworldly 17 year old and she is mature, three years isn't a big difference.

I know my dd will freak if I go and speak to his parents. Probably seems obvious to everyone else I guess it's nice to see my dd happy as she's had quite a few friendship issues since starting secondary school. And yes to speaking to his parents and making sure they know how old she is. If I were you I'd be encouraging her to take part in activities etc which will help her widen her social circle. I would just monitor the situation, it sounds as though it is early days in the relationship and so I would just welcome him into your home so that your DD knows that he and their relationship is accepted.

Be careful that she doesn't come to rely on this boy too much. I'd be doing what I could to discourage the relationship, although obviously you have to tread carefully. I think that it is quite a common age gap, teenage girls tend to be more mature than boys and so it is seems likely that a 14/15 year old girls would be attracted to and fancy 17/18 boys and vice versa.

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If you plan to have ANY sexual activity with the girl, you'd be well advised to avoid it all together.

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