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Each one consists of (keyname, value, currency, account number).Currency BASE indicates it is the accounts base currency (GBP for me).However both of these are going to be looking at streamed accounting updates.This is returned by two different kinds of wrapper function.They won't take trades into account very well, and if you have sold something completely or hadn't bought it for the first snapshot the comparision wont' work.Finally also be very careful about using these snapshots to work out what positions you have.

We're going to use a single client function to get both accounting and position data.Although the code is rather trivial, interpreting the results requires some understanding. once again you need to get the code from the following repo. This will give your results with live or simulated Gateway / TWS session running (it probably won't produce anything of interest with a demo account but you can still follow the code).Since writing this blog IB have introduced an API call to get positions directly - so there are less clunky ways of doing this than I show here.From, class IBclient: def get_IB_account_data(self): init_portfolio_data() init_error() ## Turn on the streaming of accounting information req Account Updates(True, self.accountid) start_time=time.time() finished=False iserror=False while not finished and not iserror: finished=flag_finished_contractdetails iserror=flag_iserror if (time.time() - start_time) MAX_WAIT_SECONDS: finished=True print "Didn't get an end for account update, might be missing stuff" pass ## Turn off the streaming ## Note portfolio_structure will also be updated req Account Updates(False, self.accountid) portfolio_data=data_portfoliodata account_value=data_accountvalue if iserror: print error_msg print "Problem getting details" return None return (account_value, portfolio_data) def init_portfolio_data(self): if "data_portfoliodata" not in dir(self): setattr(self, "data_portfoliodata", []) if "data_accountvalue" not in dir(self): setattr(self, "data_accountvalue", []) setattr(self, "flag_finished_portfolio", False) def update Portfolio(self, contract, position, market Price, market Value, average Cost, unrealized PNL, realized PNL, account Name): """ Add a row to the portfolio structure """ portfolio_structure=self.data_portfoliodata portfolio_structure.append((contract.symbol, contract.expiry, position, market Price, market Value, average Cost, unrealized PNL, realized PNL, account Name, contract.currency)) ## account value def update Account Value(self, key, value, currency, account Name): """ Populates account value dictionary """ account_value=self.data_accountvalue account_value.append((key, value, currency, account Name)) def account Download End(self, account Name): """ Finished can look at portfolio_structure and account_value """ setattr(self, "flag_finished_portfolio", True) So once we begin streaming both the portfolio_structure and account_value global variables begin updating.

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