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Winning over India may not be easy, since dating apps here are not exactly used the way they are in the West.

Take, for instance, how Truly Madly localises its business.

But there are a couple of differences in how Indians use them.

When we look at the 18- to 21-year-olds, a lot of them get on to a dating app just to make friends.

A major part of the revenue for many dating apps is still coming from ads, not memberships. Ours is not a membership- or ad-revenue-based model, it’s more micro-transactions. Our revenue is mostly from micro-transactions, we don’t call them memberships. You have to get Facebook-verified, and we check if your Facebook account is genuine and not recently created.

Now we’re seeing some trickle-down into vernacular audiences and regional audiences. One has to have a fair bit of staying power to catch the growth of this market.

But how ours is different and very Indian is that we tell the guys what to say.

Say, you’re messaging this girl, who likes Atif Aslam; it prompts: “Why don’t you talk about that?

Or buy Select and you can get matched with the similar type of profiles. Also, you can give us a physical ID, you can log in through Linked In, and you can even get other friends to refer you.

In the last four to five years, our positioning has become such that very few married men actually even try to create profiles on Truly Madly, or create profiles with pictures of Hrithik Roshan or Tom Cruise. Even if these people get in the system, we very quickly weed them out in four-five days. One indicator is that for the last one year we haven’t spent a rupee on marketing, and all our traffic is organic.

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