Intj dating enfp

INTJs and ENFPs both possess Introverted Feeling which suggests that they will carry some personal value systems of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and share a common interest in morality and ethics regardless of where they actually fall on various issues.They will likely both uphold ideals such as self reliance, personal integrity and honesty.“Opposites Attract” is a cliche for a reason; we are looking for a balancing effect in our relationships.

This means that both ENFPs and INTJs not only perceive the world through intuition, they also have a common feeling and thinking function, although in a separate order.This can seem an unsatisfying response for feeling types such as the ESFJs who place greater import on emotional support over practical yet impersonal solutions.ENFPs are less emotionally needy in this respect but they do desire feedback from the INTJ regarding ‘how they feel’ and ‘what they feel’ which the INTJ for the most part is willing to oblige.I’m thrilled to research this pairing because they seem to have a natural attraction, but there aren’t many resources out there for them.When it comes to dating, marriage, and attraction, most of us are attracted to someone who is strong in areas that we are weak.

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