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I would have been surprised even if i had read 5'8,5!!! but if I was standing next to him that is like a really good height said on 16/Nov/08use to watch jesse on summerland did appear like 5ft 7 on the show but i mean how old was he there? 5-10 or 5-11 is about average height maybe even 6 foothe's probably 5-8 said on 24/Mar/08pin that pic JK posted, that 5'7 chick isnt wearing heels. I'm really not trying to be offensive, but why do you comment on guys' pages like Jesse Mc Cartney, Zac Efron, Rupert Grint, and Drake Bell and often times you advocate them being shorter than waht Rob has them listed at...why? said on 31/Jul/07Rob You seriously need to Downgrade him back to 5'9'' atleast, Click Here Look at him here beside Alyson Michalka who you have listed on this site at 5'7'', Does he look 3 inches taller than her, They are both looking the same height, So Jesse is no more than 5'9'' said on 17/Jul/07Man Rob, i just dont geddit...weeks before you said he is struggling with 174 and now 177, no offence man but your explanantion is a little weak here. They looked the same height in summerland and they grew about the same. I mean yeah I'm 15 going on 16 and 17 next year kind of girl that's 5ft 6in 3/4. saw him singing on the ellen show he looks to me like a weak 5ft9 guy. In summerland he was same height as lori laughnlen and she's pretty short. said on 23/Aug/08on kiss fm dallas a guy said he was really small that he could fit in his pocket..i don't know how 5-10 is tiny!?? '' said on 28/Sep/07JK, I'm sorry, but you are sort of freaking me out.said on 20/Oct/05ok here I am again, with again, pictures that proves that Jesse is 5'8.5.Take a look at this one : Mc Car_Mazur_5675861_400.jpg?If it was taken recently,then I'll have to disappoint all people who think Jesse is 5'9" or 5'10" or even 5'11" (not to mention the ridiculous 6' claim). He's got less of a heel to his shoe though so I give him like 5'8"-5'8.5" TOPS!!! said on 30/Dec/05heres the thing, my friend and i went to his concert and she is 5'7, she just measured the day for a checkup, and he was autographing our CD and we both said that he is about 2 inches taller then her said on 30/Dec/05ive changed my mind ive decided he's only 5'9' coz Ronald vivar and dude X are totally right and you can soooooo obviesly tell from dudes pics that Jesse is only about 5'9' and no where near 5'11' like i said b4...In the picture Jesse is a tiny bit shorter than Anna Kournikova, but he's slightly leaning in to fit into the picture, so if he stood up straight, he'd be the same height as her, maybe half an inch taller the most. And you can also see it when you compare him with 6' Nadal, he's like half a head shorter. said on 28/Dec/05I am 5' 9" and Jesse was about an inch shorter than me.He's not tall, but where do you get away with saying he's "actually very short," Mike? The girl in the back is precisely at his "back" which makes any comparison tricky, besides we do not know her height. ) said on 1/Feb/06 Actually, boys DO grow after 18 quite frequently, sorry people, I was wrong! Hey Rob, so how much can he have grown in like 6 months or so?If even he's 5'8" that still not "very short," especially considering the height of the average male in this country and especially when taking the entire world into account. said on 18/Sep/06editor rob would u kindly take a look at the new pics on looks tall in those is with his ister there and is like easily 6 inches taller than her and shes wearing 3 inch heels and hes wearing shoes which look like one and a half inch shoes actually look quite suspicious to me,might have lifts in sister look quite normal.i can bet shes between 5 feet 3 or 4 so that makes her 5 feet7 in heels at the most,which in turn makes jesse 6 feet 1 or 2 with understand whats happ.editor rob do something bout it said on 6/Sep/06Some guys can grow to 21... I don't know the "normal" growth rate for boys after they have their growth spurt so I can only guess... said on 31/Jan/06Hey "editor rob" about that pic of Jesse with tennis player Rafael Nadal, I´ve searched up his height in several sites and I keep findind a 182 cm reference for him...

I believe Jesse to be 5foot9 - 6foot said on 22/Nov/05Wow, JESSEgirl, clearly you have no bias.

How tall do you think he is.(btw you are so lucky that you meet all the hot chics in hollywood, who do you think is the most pretty chic in hollywood). now you try and tell me hes taller than 5'9 said on 27/Sep/06Mike you seem hell bent on saying this guy is shorter when actually he is not.

Jesse mccartney i will say is just about average and for zac i totally feel he is 5 feet 9 these days.

Has it ever occurred to you that it might be in a celebrity's best interests to SEEM TALLER THAN THEY ARE?

He's 5'7.5''-5'8'', and his 5'10'' claim is ridiculous.

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