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'Until he gets to know you, Jason is a little bit shy. Laura is bubbly, chatty, just as you see in her interviews. While the two clearly deserve a well-earned break, they won't have much time to rest as they plan to get married next month.

'If they were both like Jason, God only knows how they'd talk about anything. Well, for a couple of Olympic Gold Champions, timing is everything.

They have been nicknamed the Posh and Becks of track cycling.

The cycling couple live and train together in Manchester, which allows them to motivate each other to keep getting better.

Trott comes from Harrow in Essex and Kenny comes from Bolton in Greater Manchester.

Kenny has joined Sir Chris Hoy on six career Olympic titles.In the run up to her finance's sixth gold medal win last week, Laura tweeted: The two went public with their relationship in the buildup to London 2012, when they were spotted kissing behind David Beckham at the beach volleyball match on Horse Guards Parade. According to their families, Laura is known as the Chatty Cathy of the pair while Jason is more reserved.'The difference in their characters is what makes it work for them,' says Trott's father Adrian.That’s the longest time I spend away from Albie, and I find it difficult. We go quite often, but I always try to get back in time to put Albie to bed.I feel awful leaving him, especially if he’s not having a good day, but his grandparents look after him when I’m gone so I know he’s in safe hands. Jason and I are a tag team, so he’ll bathe Albie while I shower and then I’ll take over to put him to sleep, which can take anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours. Jason’s a great cook – he’ll rustle up a tuna bake, or if it’s a Sunday and he’s feeling nice, we might have a roast. I’ve not left him alone for a night since he was born.

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Now that Albie’s on a bottle, Jason gets up to settle him. Jason will take our dogs out for a walk, so I get to have a few hours of mummy time with Albie, which is when I dress and feed him. When Jason is back we work out for an hour and a half in the gym in our garage. Albie usually naps through our morning session, but we keep the baby monitor with us in case he wakes up. I love living in the countryside and it’s a great place to bring up children, but it’s tough that I have to drive to the track in central London every day.

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