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's Jody Hill is the worst offender) thanks to a collection of heartfelt and honest performances from the cast of appealing stars.Baruchel, a fidgety and nervous presence, strikes up the crucial chemistry that's required to make Kirk's relationship with Eve's Molly work.They were like, "Man, everyone is going to see it now and go, 'That's it?! '" They just wanted to make a movie they thought was funny. Granted, more people know that movie exists, but I don't know if that's the kind of attention they wanted. Most movies, not all, but most that I'll be involved in as a writer will probably be independent or Canadian so I don't know if I'll ever have the soapbox they have. But that being said, you also have to ask yourself when you're doing stuff that can be polarizing, is it worth it?ESQ: Seeing what they had to go through, would their experience be in the back of your mind if you ever wrote something that was on a controversial topic? Is this joke worth this amount of people being upset?The next one has to be, at a minimum, as good as the original.So it's taken us a while, but I think we're finally there.That provides the dramatic dilemma of debutant Jim Field Smith's movie, as Kirk grapples with self-esteem issues so that he can be with the girl who's out of his league (natch! Much of this is terribly unfunny, in particular the exchanges with Marnie's new boyfriend and his family which essentially amounts to bullying.

Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is a well-meaning, if slightly dorkish, airport security guard. Reeling from a messy break-up, he meets stunning events organiser Molly (Alice Eve).ESQ: How is being the lead of a TV series different from headlining a film? And it's because we make a little movie every four days and being the man in ESQ: You've been in so many different things, I'm curious, what character of yours do people recognize you from most? In Canada, I've been on TV here since I was 12, it was this show called . Though I notice the older I get, the more my speaking voice turns people around. And I'm never in the booth more than 90 minutes, rarely two hours, and that's once every month and a half over the course of years. ESQ: You co-wrote [with Are you surprised by the film's cult status? It's funny, in the States it's a cult movie, though, strangely, in England it made more money than anywhere in the world.JB: It's just way more labor-intensive on a TV show. Even if they have no idea who I am, they know they've heard this weird nasal disaster somewhere before. I was having lunch and I said something about swords or something, and this table turned around and looked at me like, "Wait a minute, I know that voice from somewhere." ESQ: The franchise has to be a sweet gig. ESQ: You don't have to be on camera, you show up however you want. It's one of the things I'm more grateful for in my life. Our distributors, in my opinion, kind of botched our release in the States, but that being said I think it's a testament to the flick that the more time goes by, the more people fall in love with it.It depends on you and the story you tell, but if you think it's worth it, then fuck yeah, do whatever you want. Are you surprised at all by the level of fame you've achieved?JB: I would say that since I was nine years old I've always wanted to write and direct horror movies and action movies.

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