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My FIL somehow agreed with her and sat my husband down to have the "if you don't let go of this peasant girl, we'll disown you."And that's how my husband left his palace to come live with my poor family and I. She'd run into me at random places- like Wal mart- where I swear she had never been before or she'd randomly show up at a bar where I was with university friends at 11 pm.

We started over, he had no clothes, no nothing, not even a tooth brush. She wouldn't say hi or anything- just keep a close eye. She actually tried to fucking hire my mom as a maid and she showed up where my dad worked a couple times.

Next time we'll talk about how she crashed my wedding.

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My very poor parents and I stepped up and gave him the necessities for him to live. Once I confronted her and told her that even though we had never formally met, I still know what she looks like and to stop popping in my life. My mom turned off the job by pure luck and my dad only realized it was her when she called him by his name and...

He refused to talk to his parents for over two years. well that's fucking unusual when you're the dish washer dude at a fancy place.

This woman tried everything in her power to separate us.

She set up random dates for him, she tried hiring call girls to get him to cheat on me, she tried sending guys You guys can't imagine what I've gone through.

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