Joe jonas dating nicki reed

with the desert-set tale of Jane (Reed), a newly crowned rodeo queen who goes missing, and her friend Heidi (Wright), who uncovers secrets and encounters the violence of life on the road while searching for her pal.

Gustaf Skarsgård and pop singer/actor Joe Jonas round out the indie cast.

It's no secret Bella Hadid isn't down with Selena Gomez dating The Weeknd.

According to TMZ, Selena never got in touch with her or Gigi Hadid to let them know she was seeing the "Starboy" singer, and they'd become pretty close last year through Taylor Swift's squad.

So let's break it down: Swift, who is pals with both Lovato and Greene, was the first of the lady trio to date the Jonas brother (back in 2008-ish).

Shortly after, Joe became linked to Demi, and then after their split, dated Greene (and drama ensued).

Locklear and Richards were the closest of friends, but after Heather and Richie's marriage went downhill around the same time as Denise and Charlie Sheen, things changed.

One of the most recent examples is our vampire-friendly trio Nikki Reed, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

The blue-eyed hunk has been spotted getting cozy with the co-star Nina Dobrev.

Before you knew it, Richards and Sambora became an item.

Taylor Swift/Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato/Ashley Greene: Whoa now, here's a doozy!

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"And then when we got older and Eddie [Fisher] left with Elizabeth, things changed, of course.

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