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Their daughter Jordan had been singing harmony since the age of seven, and about a year ago they decided to add her voice to the family mix.

“Jordy, as we affectionately call her, has been singing with us since April of 2013 and doing a fantastic job!

After Christy and Weston started dating, they began singing with Christy’s parents as Weston Hinson and By Faith, singing together for over two years.

In 2010, the young Hinsons felt God calling them into fulltime ministry, which they called The Weston Hinson Group.

It says, ‘I’m gonna wrap my arms around my daddy’s neck and tell him that I’ve missed him.

“I get to fulfill the calling on my life and see all kinds of beautiful places across the country and I also love spending time with my family.“We have released two songs off that album to Southern Gospel Radio, both made it in the top 100, with ‘Finally Home’ reaching 45! “This is a song about what all believers dream about: finally making it to the shores of Heaven.The first line of that song chokes me up every time I sing it, and it makes it difficult to sing live because I am crying through most of the song.” Weston adds with pride, “Her voice has added a country/bluegrass flavor to our music that is a treat for a lot of people.Jordy has quite the range too, because she has to sing parts in the Hinsons songs that we perform that range anywhere from baritone to tenor to even soprano whenever Christy leads in some of our original materials.

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