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In the summer of 2006, Kreuk starred in the short film, Dream Princess by comic book writer/artist Kaare Andrews.The film is a modern sci-punk retelling of the tale of Sleeping Beauty, with a twist. Kreuk starred in the film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009), in which she played the title character, Chun-Li.Fortunately, for them (and us), they found Kristin just in time.Her career was set to take off when she landed on the highly acclaimed WB television series, Smallville (2001).

In early 2005, Kreuk signed on to the Canadian independent film Partition (2007), playing Naseem, a vulnerable 17-year-old whose world is shattered by the trauma of the Partition of India in 1947; the character also falls in love with an ex-British Indian Army officer.Her life ends up being on the line or at least she’s threatened quite intensely.” Kristin adds about Joanna’s life being on the line that the “hacktivist who believes that we all should have internet privacy and privacy in our lives.What happens is he creates a problem for his former employers who are mining data in a way that’s very questionable.” “They are a huge conglomerate and that puts Joanna at risk because she starts defending Noah and discovering these things.” Check out the season sneak peek below!They have been in a long-term relationship for approximately four years.” And you guys are just dicks.Spamming her Twitter account and/or her Instagram account with NXIVM-related questions is just a form of harassment which likely will be removed.

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