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Without destroying the beautiful elements of their innocence, I long to prevent them from a disappointment like mine —so with each step between now and then, I vow to myself and to them to be real.

I hope that as they watch me painstakingly reclaim my hard-earned authenticity, they will manage to guard their own.

During those years I perfected my doing and neglected my being.

The warden was pride, and I remained in maximum security.So we carry a young woman toward the threshold of her new identity as wife and mother and abruptly drop her off at the curb, peeling out on two wheels with a honk and a wave and a wish for good luck.Here is the truth as I see it: Marriage has the potential to erode the very fiber of your identity.I quit my job, rented out my house, gave my dog to an old boyfriend, sold my car and moved to France so Lance could reenter the world of professional cycling.We got married and promptly had three children—a son and then twin daughters—who were breast-fed, toted between countries and utterly adored by their devoted, full-time, stay-at-home mommy.

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