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She hasn’t publicly addressed the split, nor has she posted about it on social media.She and Cooper reportedly have a co-parenting plan in place to remain devoted parents to Lea while also forming new, healthy boundaries between themselves.By seeing their chemistry, everyone is speculating that they both are in love with each other, but when Lady Gaga was asked about her relationship with Bradley, then she denied the love relationship and admitted that they are only friends.So there is a possibility for both they may have been dating or they both may be only friends.Sources close to the couple revealed Irina Shayk’s reaction to those Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga dating rumors, and how she found the chatter “difficult”, even if she knew there was nothing romantic between the costars.According to a source for Us Weekly, Cooper and Gaga’s close relationship on and their intimate performance at the 2019 Oscars weighed on Shayk.The ' A Star Is Born' actress is rumoured to be dating again, after splitting with her ex-fiancé, Christian Carino, earlier this year.

In reality, there’s no real answer here, other than the fact that I love celebrity gossip, and no celebrity has done something really boneheaded this summer (I keep waiting for Tom Cruise to try to buy a nuclear reactor or something in his eternal quest to stay young) so it’s been relatively slim pickings on that front, save for the Coop’s personal life, Kelly Taylor-ethos be damned. Perhaps he’s gotten too close to the truth of things in his ever-diligent commitment towards method acting (remember, he was in the studio audience of that one time, looking really focused, so clearly he ascribes to the Method school of acting.

However all this speculation on his love life appears to be for naught, as Cooper seems to be choosing himself the same way Kelly Taylor, a fictional character, chose herself more than 20 years ago. Also, I just Googled it, and he graduated from The Actor’s Studio, so he’s definitely familiar with the Method and this isn’t just a set up for a bit/joke that’s not going to pay off for you, personally.) I mean, the Method approach to embodying a genetically modified racoon who is also good at science and stuff is probably exhausting, and will take you to some weird corners of this kooky planet—perhaps even underground, where the mole people live.

I was ready to make peace with that and not get hung up when The Coopster was seen out and about (canoodling, if you will) with yet another random person that seemed more like a madlib of 2019, and not a natural progression of his public persona—because this all seems to be smoke with no fire, and at some point, the shock of seeing Cooper out with Helen Mirren go-karting ceases to be novel and more or less becomes mundane. You know, mole people, the subterranean race of mole-like humanoids that will one day come topside and have their literal day in the sun? Perhaps Cooper got too close to the truth when he was pretending, nay, living his truth as that raccoon, and in order to get the heat off of him, he grew a moustache to confuse the mole people.

Rumours first circulated after Gaga was seen without her engagement ring on the red carpet of this year's Grammys.

Lady Gaga's rep then confirmed the reports in Christian was Lady Gaga's talent agent, and had previously dated Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan.

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