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On top of that, if you aren’t already Muslim, then get used to the idea of converting to Islam and becoming a practising Muslim (which means saying goodbye to alcohol and pork and getting used to prayer times).I think you can see why I’m steering away from recommending these ladies…

In terms of appearance, Malaysian women differ according to their ethnic origins.It is true that the cultural diversity amongst Malaysian women is such that general pointers for all of them are not much use and, that being the case, I’m only going to offer my tips with regards to the Chinese ethnic Malaysians.You might wonder why I’m focusing on that section of society; the reason is because it is these ladies that offer the most potential as future girlfriends.that sort of thing is great fun, but it’s not reality!The good news is that the relationships that are forged with Malaysian girls are more likely to be the real thing and less likely to be based on money.

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That said, if Indian Malaysians appeal to you, they are also worth a look.

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