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In the past, PPL scams were masked as payments for translations from your language to Ukrainian or back.Some of the websites still use this legend to explain the need for payments per message.Strangely enough, the same excited reporters seem to never be able to dig one inch deeper and discover what any decent investigative journalist would be able to do in 30 seconds by running a search ““.This would unveil a wealth of reports on how Ukraine, the “matchmaking capital of the world”, is really a place for some of the most outrageous dating scams of the 21 century.

When I responded it was not true, the reporter asked why would they say so, to which I responded, “I have no idea”.Ukraine has been dubbed by some pay-for-play reporters as the “matchmaking capital of the world”.When you hear appraisals like this, you know it’s not a journalism but product placement.When you are prepaying some packages of “credits” or other internal currency in advance and then you are charged some tokens every time you read a mail or a message or keep chatting, this is where the PPL scams become possible: Remember, the agent need to pay the writer for the amount of content produced.It is only possible when you are charged for every message, otherwise there is no incentive to the writer to continue talking to you in length for months or even years.

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So, what would you look for when seeking a legitimate Ukrainian dating site?

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