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"When Michael was traveling a few months back, I had the best time with one of our guest hosts.She's super talented and we danced and we had so much fun," Sara gushed. Wendy Williams' fans will also recall that she filled in for Wendy when the talk show star was out earlier this year.They first met in a Spa and Skincare salon in Manhattan where she was the employee of the company.It took around 5 years for them to date and engaged in 1999.

She is the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy who is an actor and comedian.

.“It’s been a blast having Keke co-host this summer.

She brings a unique and spontaneous energy viewers love,” said Rory Albanese, the program’s executive producer, in a statement.

Besides being around 20 years younger than Michael, she is a criminal.

Kayla has been arrested on counts of both disorderly conduct and grand theft.

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