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Even talking on the phone with someone of the opposite sex is frowned upon unless it’s a family member. A former London banker thinks he’s created the perfect solution.Shahzad Younas quit his job in 2015 and launched a Muslim online dating app called Muzmatch from his bedroom.The app claims to bridge the gap between high-tech, modern dating and deeply held Islamic traditions.Younas says Muzmatch tops more than a million members worldwide and has led to weddings in 190 different countries between 25,000 people. “I am a Muslim, so I totally understand the predicament,” he said. We marry.” Research from the National Academy of Sciences states that, of 20,000 respondents, 35 per cent of people found their partners online in 2005 -2014.Americans are charging ahead; Germans, comparatively, lagging behind.India, which has long had a complex offline market for arranged marriages within religious and caste boundaries, has seen it move online.More personal because the phone is intimate in a way the keyboard is not, camera-ready and always with you. Many people now feel quite happy swiping left or right on public transport, gossiping to their friends about potential matches.Screenshots of possible partners fly back and forth over Whats App and i Message.

“The person you are swiping to should be someone you’re interested to marry and be with forever rather than swiping to hook up for temporary period.” Watch the video above for a guided tour of Muzmatch and the features which make it unique.

As such, Muslim communities can often find dating in the Tinder era a somewhat uncomfortable experience.

Muslims tend to wait for marriage before having sex, and often don’t even go on public outings together when dating.

“It’s unprecedented.”For most of human history, the choice of life partner was limited by class, location and parental diktat.

In the 19th and 20th centuries those constraints were weakened, at least in the West.

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“Tinder users are focused more on judging the girls as ‘thick or busty’ and guys as ‘muscly and manly’,” he said.

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