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Messrs, Bristol and I)a:iicls, and f^iyorid the '•Di.da- 110 bill," 0.1 the ground that it took tlie se Llleinent ol tiie bonds out of the hands of lac State oili-jers, and out of politics. Smiiii moved as a suboiitiite ths b IM introduced in tiie House by Mr. ij c:)nstitu tion, so Ui it the imjiroveinent lands can 1 ever b^j dispensed of c^j.-pi by a vole of the people. He predicted that to turn over this matter to individu;ils the . The conii.iittec then recotamended that the origiaal Liii [the Briatoi billj lav ou the table. Smith, prescribing that in aciecting hinds i Vir cancelling bonds from lime lo time, one half selected ^hali be from i Lo-ic of the least value. Eolsom thought the bill provided for partial repudiation. The committee recommended that the bill be engrossed for a third reading, which with the other recommendatloiu was adopt- by the Senate. The long list presented on the next page onwards was processed from Mahabharata and Ramayana files as encoded by Professor Tokunaga.The words are carefully arranged based on sanskrit/devanagari alphabets and can be split-up into a file per alphabet. ;t 1 tli.' CHLAl'R^T PLOIV la t So u:v i Mi'im'-on. mm f^'{^n\m note of the 5a M James Kgii^ iiayuli.e I V;? •«pr(«cutativo froai Montana, has iutro- ductd ill Congress a bill to provide for eervico between I'ort Abcr.

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