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The following observations are pretty common in this case and if you see one of these points, it won’t hurt to either inspect the nfsd process on your Mac or restart the whole computer.

flag is visible, but your shares don’t work, then it’s probably another issue.

For Kodi, this means that the UID which the Kodi process is running under is given to the NFS server to be authenticated.

/nfs_shares/allread -ro -mapall=nobody -alldirs /nfs_shares/allwrite -mapall=nobody -alldirs -network -mask /nfs_shares/write As501 -mapall=501 -alldirs /nfs_shares/Kodiuser Note: As already mentioned, authentication to the NFS server is done by checking UIDs.

The /etc/exports file may not yet exist; if not, you'll need to create it.

The file is edited either manually (in Terminal, using a UNIX text editor such as nano or vi) or via a GUI utility, the most well-known of which is NFS Manager.

When a mount point is marked as a shared mount, any mount within the original mount point is reflected in it, and vice versa.

To change the type of a mount point to a shared mount, type the following at a shell prompt: A slave mount allows the creation of a limited duplicate of a given mount point.

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Windows does not have any built-in native ability to share folders via NFS; and only a limited selection of Windows operating systems have the native ability to access NFS shares as a client.

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