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Her makeup line later became mired in controversy after releasing a lipstick called "Selektion".The word "Selektion" is considered widely controversial and inappropriate in its native Germany where it was the term used by the Nazis to decide who would be chosen to either be put to work or death upon arrival to the concentration camps.During her relationship with James he courted controversy when it became known that he was a collector of Nazi paraphernalia and was pictured in both a Nazi uniform and doing a Nazi salute.Von D was criticized for her continued involvement with James and lack of condemnation after the incident.

Von D and Orbison move in together in the episode "Kat Cleans Up", and in the last episode of the season, titled "Orbi's Secret", Orbison asks Von D's father for permission to marry her.She has a soft spot for musicians, which is clearly evident from the men who came into her life later, like Nikki Sixx, Deadmau5, and her current husband, Rafael Reyes.She is now expecting her first child with Reyes, having moved on from her previous relationships for good.The fallout led to the lipstick being renamed "Beloved".This choice is even more controversial with her being implicated in other anti-semitic acts.

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