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One important part of the Ashkenazi tradition are tena'im, literally "conditions", which are documents of betrothal.

The document is written in Aramaic, and is a generic form with lines to be filled out.

There are two reasons I want to write this article—both of which are the reason this topic is delicate. It is hard in a new relationship to have a talk with a non-Jewish partner about wanting to raise kids kosher. Having a no-pressure conversation early is extremely important and can be easier than waiting three years into the relationship.

Nothing they do is right, everything they do is wrong.

Stop and ask yourself if you would feel any different about the person your child is dating if they were Jewish.

He knew this going into the relationship and has not been a problem since. I know this is hard but if you are upset about your child’s significant other, try to keep it between you and very close family members and make it clear that this should not get back to your child. It is one thing to not like your child’s significant other, it is another to not like them simply because they are not Jewish. My Grandma used to say that you can look at things through “cochen” (I believe the Yiddish word for poop) colored lenses.

It will only make them more resentful towards you and closer with their partner. I often hear Jewish parents talk about non-Jewish potential children-in-law through poop colored glasses.

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THE CEREMONY In some Ashkenazi circles, a custom known as a vort, which is Yiddish for word, is celebrated as part of the engagement announcement.

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