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Men rely more heavily on their left brain to solve one problem one step at a time and are much less capable of multitasking than women.

On the other hand, boys are socialized to repress overt emotional expressions while girls are encouraged to communicate their feelings more openly.

In fact, for many men, a romantic relationship provides a refuge where they are allowed to be intimate, according to Brenda Shoshanna, a psychologist and the author of "Zen and the Art of Falling in Love." However, women must accept the differences in how men communicate.

For instance, if a woman only wants a man to provide a sympathetic ear, she should say so at the beginning of the conversation, so that he understands that he is not expected to devise a solution.

This does not mean that it is impossible for men and women to communicate with one another.

A bit of understanding can help make the process of communicating with men easier.

Men can and do learn to communicate their feelings, usually in the context of a loving relationship.

Men speak less than women in general, and convey less emotion in their speech than women.

When men talk about sports, business, politics or women they are simply sharing their feelings in code, according to Stephen Johnson, Ph. Men express love through sexual encounters and through gestures they think will please the women they love.

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