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When confronted with how disrespectful they were being, most just laughed.These same guys also think it's okay to go into restaurants, get stupid drunk, and leer at and drool over the young, straight, Mexican bus boys.I don't know that anyone can really answer your question.Without stopping them on the street, there is no way to say how many of the gay men you run into on the streets of Palm Springs are single, coupled, just friends, tourists, or whatever.

If you are under the age of 50, you are considered "chicken", because the gay population tends to skew toward the elderly.Yeah, that pretty much describes the atmosphere you encounter when you walk into most any gay bar in Palm Springs.And let us not forget the "wannabe daddies" who think driving around in an old Chrysler Sebring convertible and flashing a diamond tennis bracelet signifies to all the young, single gay men that a rich man is rolling by.At Compatible Partners, we are committed to helping gay singles find love every day.The traditional gay dating site model, offering only picture and profile browsing, can be ineffective for those gay singles looking for a long-term relationship -- love that lasts.

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