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In addition, strangers can send your child a “friend request.” Snapchat – Allows you to capture an image or video and make it available to a recipient for a specific time.After that time limit is up, the picture/video automatically disappears forever…or so Snapchat claims.The truth is that nothing sent over the internet disappears.There are always ways to retrieve and capture those images.Also, take the time to explain to them (at an age-appropriate level) why you are asking them questions and checking their phone and privacy settings. Are you putting out too much information about yourself? Christian parents are called to instruct their children in biblical wisdom (Deuteronomy 6:6-8) and today that includes teaching them to apply biblical wisdom to media.Many children do not realize just how much information they are putting out there and how dangerous it can be.– Are you being safe with that app? Teaching your children how to choose appropriate apps and use them responsibly is vitally important in our media-saturated world.– Makes it easier for your child to talk to strangers without your knowledge since it bypasses the wireless providers’ short message services (SMS).

Many children are drawn to communicating with strangers, feeling that their secrets are safer with them than with their friends.This app is a perfect tool for ill-intentioned strangers looking to connect with young people because it allows you to exchange messages with people nearest to you (so anonymity can be easily lost). They don’t create a profile or account, but they can post comments that are accessible to the nearest 500 people (within a 1-5 mile radius).A psychiatrist called this the most dangerous app he’d ever seen because it “can turn a school into a virtual chat room where everyone can post his or her comments, anonymously.Perhaps your family could establish family media rules, such as having to check with a parent before downloading a new app or game.Having a common charging area so you can easily check phones could also be a good system for your family.

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Internet safety is just like any other kind of safety. A wonderful tool to help guide you in the internet training process is available at Netsmartz.o.

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