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A Capt., Sherwood had been captured four years earlier.Independently recorded in Forgotten Patriots – African American and American Indian Patriots in the Revolutionary War: A Guide to Service, Sources, and Studies, published by the D.0-220 (2 pcs.) Superb and noted Autograph Letter Signed of George Washington, its whereabouts unknown to scholars since 1986 – now rediscovered.The Negroes, Horses, and Stock, have all sold exceeding high; and we have done every thing in our powers to secure payment at the day; but yet I am far from expecting punctuallity, or even from thinking there may not be some Insolvency’s, although I have taken every precaution in my power to get good Security to the respective Bonds.Wheeler may be the first, and perhaps only former Confederate General to appear in a motion picture, playing himself in the primitive Edison silent film “Surrender of General Toral,” in 1898.

“During the war a stock of powder and balls kept as a reserve were stored in his house...

0-1100 Unrecorded multivariant of a printing of the Declaration from Stone’s copperplate of the original document.

It is likely that the flour described in this document was purchased from New York City, Philadelphia, or Baltimore.

Obliged to “sell his land to support himself in old age and infirmity,” his petition reaching the desk of Sam Wyllys years later--The American Revolution in Indian Country..., Calloway.

0-1450 Manuscript Document Signed of “Colo(ne)l” Saml.

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