Problems updating windows xp pack 2

With the SP2 windows firewall you just switch it on and forget about it.If you find you ever need to configure it to work with a multiplayer game etc, this is easily done in the properties section of the firewall.# Why do I need Service Pack 2 if I have anti-virus and a firewall enabled?XP SP2 contains features that every home users requires.Using anti "Spy Ware" software on your computer is something I recommend to ALL home users...whether they are using SP2 or not!If you are very confident on your PC then take a look at Spy Bot 1.3, however be prepared to have to learn how to use it...

Whilst there is no specific "technical" reason for running 2 firewalls at the same time, the practice is not recommended.scid=kb;en-us;837783 You may also find the "SP2 release notes" document helpful too: On Installation it will detect you already have some updates installed that are post XP SP1. I have been testing various versions of this service pack for 6 months now.scid=kb;en-us;835935 # I use Windows XP HOME and have some XP SP2 updates already installed - Help! There were some "bugs" in the early "beta" versions, but this final PUBLIC release is very stable!If you are currently using a software firewall and are happy with it, then you can disable the SP2 firewall and "nagging" balloons.Many of the free and commercial firewalls available require user input of some kind, especially responding to pop up windows that ask for some sort of response that can confuse many home users.

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# I have read that MS say you should run an anti "Spy ware" on your computer before you update to SP2. There is NO official policy from Microsoft on this.

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