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And now that you guys have such a big social media influence, I think that has definitely affected that.Because people have access to the Internet, especially teens.I feel like there's this macho stigma, where if you haven't lost your virginity by the time you're like, fifteen, it's like you're this or that… What all the studies show is that if young people, at an appropriate age, begin learning about their bodies and are able to have a normal, open conversation, they're actually much less likely to get in trouble for themselves, or to get in a situation that they don't want to be in.

Blanchard: And I feel like social media has also entitled a lot of people to that right. And telling stories that no one ever would have told in my generation. Richards: What do you think about young men your age?

I know growing up in Texas that it was really uncomfortable because usually the coaches were teaching sex ed, and they were super uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be that way anymore.

We actually are in beta testing for a new app to help young girls and young women who are starting their period to track their period, learn about birth control, so that when they need it they actually understand how it works.

I think the new wave of women on social media who are allowing themselves to just be themselves is opening doors for a lot of young girls who wouldn't otherwise have that kind of affirmation to be allowed to be themselves, which is cool. But I recognize that it's also a place where there's a lot of shaming. I think that if you guys can figure it out and if your generation isn't willing to put up with the judging and, frankly, old-fashioned sexism, that's going to be the biggest single culture change in this country.

Blanchard: I was just talking to my mom about this.

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