Radgrid not updating database

We have selected four columns from Employee Details table.In our previous post on Adding Telerik UI Widgets to MVC, I demonstrated how to import the Telerik widgets into a Visual Studio project and how to add and script a couple basic widgets.This fixed the issue of export to excel, but all the other controls on the page were still not functional after the export. Many developers face problem while implementing the Grid View in the ASP. Either the implementation of the design is too cumbersome or the display of the data as required is difficult. Here, we have replaced the Grid View of “Inbox” from our event networking application.To start, open the Home file again and create a new Action Result called Products_Read having an attribute Data Source Request.

I have previously posted an article on how to insert new rows in database using a Grid View.

Rad Code Block helps define javascript which can be called from within a Rad Window or the parent window. Here we have Display Read Reply function which opens the Rad Window with a different page defined as “View Message.aspx” and a few parameters being sent through URL.

The refresh Grid function is used to refresh the binding of grid so that the data gets updated.

In-built "Export to Excel" functionality of Telerik Radgrid works fine in the sample ASP. However when the same code is converted into a web part and deployed on Share Point, something goes wrong after the "Export to Excel" button is clicked, all the controls on page are no longer functional.

The cause for this behavior is that there is a flag(name_sp Form On Submit Called) in Share Point which prevent double form submission.

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Run the application and the grid functions as before except for the pageable and sortable functions no longer need to post back to the server. The Telerik Grid Widget also contains an extremely easy interface to export your grid to Excel or to PDF.

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