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It seems that, for straight males at least, the attraction to blondes is real, though it may not be for the reasons we traditionally believe.

A now-famous French study published in 2012 wanted to establish what hair colors attracted the most attention from men in nightclubs, and what that might mean.

The Huffington Post reported that his theory is based on the idea of mate choice as determined by novelty.

There's a glaring lack of science about how hair color preference operates among the LGBT community, for instance, or in cultures where one hair color tends to be the norm (for instance, among the Japanese); but it does seem as if the psychology of hair color and attraction is more complex than just "blondes having more fun".

What in women can be a (slight) advantage is, in the long-term dating market, a possible drawback for men.

The anthropologist Peter Frost has suggested a potential reason for the desire for blondes on an evolutionary level: a search for a mate who's unusual and eye-catching.

So in a practical sense, an approach in a nightclub doesn't necessarily tie to the peak of attraction; it's also based on a judgement about how likely somebody is to reject you.

A fascinating study done by the dating website Whats Your revealed that straight women's preferences for hair color are actually quite different to those of men.

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Redheaded women have earned sexual, explosive reputations: Jacky Colliss Harvey's History Of The Redhead explains that everybody from Mary Magdalene to Cleopatra was associated with red hair, and that the Romans tended to pair it with ideas of barbarism, over-emotionality and violence. Let's go back to that University of Westminster study collating different stereotypes of hair with what men say they want.

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