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But with the encouragement of her parents (Denise lost her mother to cancer last November), the 37-year-old actress is ready to come clean about the rumors, the heartbreak, and the lessons she's learned — in that as-yet-untitled reality show she is executive-producing with Ryan Seacrest.

The sexy siren of films like Wild Things and Starship Troopers hopes that by letting E!

That's exactly the question Denise Richards would like to ask you." But I've always believed that everyone deserves a second chance.I fell in love with who he was when I met him: a strong man who could admit his weaknesses and work through them.On a king-size bed, cuddled up next to a litter of precious pups — I count at least five furry faces — are the actress's two towheaded toddlers.A potbellied piglet snuggles into a nearby pillow, an old golden retriever is curled up in the corner, and a miniature bull terrier starts barking.

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Given the last three years and all the negative press surrounding Denise Richards — her bitter divorce from actor Charlie Sheen, her split with close friend Heather Locklear, her subsequent relationship with Heather's now ex-husband, Richie Sambora, and the more recent public outcry regarding Denise's choice to include her and Charlie's two daughters on her upcoming reality show — it's easy to think of her as more Joan Crawford than June Cleaver.

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