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Then the android noticed Ayaka and turned her head 180 degrees letting out a metallic "hello" before sparks started flying and she broke down. Then a plug came out of the wall and inserted into the back of the android.

Every weekend the company offers a class to make simpler robots.RPo L is one of the oldest play-by-post roleplaying communities on the web, providing free membership for anyone to host and participate in any game system or communal story line.With unlimited anonymous aliases (characters) in a game along with tools for hosting character sheets, descriptions, portraits (over 12,000), custom dice roller systems, game maps, private threads, private text, multiple groups, and much more, we're confident you'll find everything you need to manage and play your favourite characters in your favourite setting.The head was connected to a pin coming out of the neck and Ayaka looked at the pin and then at the hole at the bottom of the head."Looks like dirt got in there and burned some of the hardware." Ayaka said.

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