Rowvalidating event devexpress

However, I am not sure that I fully understand your scenario. Regards, Jack the Telerik team I think I am looking for the same effect.

When I run through the loop once more, the same thing happens; the last row does not update with the current value, but displays the results of what should have been there from the previous calculation. This will help us to understand the exact scenario and to provide you with a working solution.Please, could you elaborate a bit more and describe in detail what you want to achieve. I have a grid with values in it; quantity, price, discount (%), unit price.If the user wished to place a discount on each row, they enter it once, and then in a For Each loop, I place the value in the cell; however the calculation does not take place.I have three grids on one form, and they all have inline editing.Result: An error is displayed and the combobox loses its value.

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